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Anasa Luxury Resort

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The Acropolis

Anasa Luxury Resort is located near the wonderful city of Kavala, at a distance of 20 km. Our guests have the opportunity to visit the famous Acropolis of Kavala and see the history of the Ancient Greeks in front of their eyes. You can walk along the stone-made roads inside the old town walls, experience the Greek traditional cuisine and gaze from above the infinite blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beginning of Chistianity in Europe

Not very far from the Acropolis, you can walk in the steps of St. Paul. As the history says, the Apostle Paul visited Philippi in 49/50 AD and he was the founder of the first Christian church in Europe. His sermon was heard by a woman called Lydia and she was the first christian in Europe. The archaeological site is protected and preserved by UNESCO.


From ancient Greece we make a trip in time to land in the 18th-century and in the Ottoman Period, when the house of Mohammed Ali, the general and founder of the Egyptian dynasty, was built. You can find it in the Panagia peninsula, in the Old Town of Kavala, where his statue can be found too.

Behind every label, there is a world full of taste experiences

The gems in the wider area are the well-known local wineries, which we are very fortunate to have in the near area. You can explore a variety of unique impressive wine colours, Intense scents and balanced acidity. Anasa Luxury Resort organises day trips of wine tasting to the near wineries and distilleries in order for you to be immersed in the art of wine.

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